The "Elektrogesetz"

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We can help you!

Feel free to consult us for all further questions concerning the German "Elektrogesetz":

We inform and consult, e.g. regarding the following the questions:
- Is your company affected by the Elektrogesetz?
- Which deadlines have to be met?
- What are the procedures for the implementation of the law?
- Which obligations and costs arise?
- What possible sanctions and fines can result from violations of the Elektrogesetz?
- How can your products be classified as B2C or B2B, trademarks or device types?
- How can you provide the necessary guarantee for the event of insolvency?
- Which is the best solution for the recovery and disposal of your WEEE?

We also offer services for the registration, labeling and reporting of input- and output-masses of equipment.

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice.


WEEE in the European Union

The implementation of the WEEE directive is unique in each European country. Individual deadlines, obligations and costs apply for the individual countries.

This situation raises additional questions:
- Where do you have to register if you run a webshop?
- What are your obligations if you (re-)export products into European countries?
- What is a OEM-producer? Which consequences result from this classification?
- How can the different requirements in the EU member states be met?

Please do also consult us concerning the EU wide distribution of electrical and electronic equipment.


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